Smart Tills.
Smarter Business.

Maximise the profit you make, from every pound you take.

We challenge our customers to create
better, smarter businesses by
integrating smart till technology into
their sales process.

We understand that your business is important to you.

We know that in business you need to maximise the profit of every pound you take. Our products are all geared to that aim. We only supply ePos that meet our high standards. We have no “invisible sales people”, you know the ones who disappear once the contract is signed. We don’t tie you into long-term contracts, no service charges or any nasty surprises, giving you the best product, service and profit-margin.

What we stand for:

  1. Maximise your profit:

    Everything we offer is geared to maximise the profit from every sale.

  2. Smart solutions:

    We only offer ecrconcepts tried and tested cutting edge innovative ePos solutions. If a
    product hasn’t met our strict standards, then we don’t sell it. After all, not all tills are equal.

  3. No question is a stupid question:

    We are friendly, approachable and are here for you. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything. We
    won’t blind you with techno-babble.

  4. We’re here for you:

    We get a buzz when you feel comfortable with your ePos Smart Till. We’ll do all we can to
    help you along the way and not leave you in the dark.

  5. Respect you. Respect your business:

    Whenever we’re on your premises we treat it with respect. We never leave it in a mess, we
    take all packaging away and do our best to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

Things we don’t like:

Outdated cash registers:

Tills shouldn’t be a last-minute purchase with no thought. They are crucial to making you money.

People noticing the tills:

We want our tills to go unnoticed by the end user – No lagging, no tech issues…just flawless performance.


Smart Tills can help minimise queuing times.

“Just a till” perception:

No! These are not “just” tills! They are SMART tills!

Under-handed sales tactics:

We’re always in touch. We don’t leave you stranded. We’re not sales-men, we are payment consultants.

Learnings missed:

Each transaction is an opportunity to nurture an ongoing interaction with the customer, learn and update inventory

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